Should you arrive 15 minutes early for doctor appointments?

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It’s generally a good idea to arrive early to doctor appointments, but the amount of time you should aim for may depend on the specific circumstances of the appointment and the policies of the medical practice.
Some medical practices may request that patients arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for paperwork, insurance verification, or other administrative tasks. In general, arriving early can help ensure that you have enough time to check in, provide any necessary information, and settle into the waiting room before your appointment time.
In addition, arriving early can help you avoid running late if you encounter unexpected traffic or other delays on your way to the appointment. It’s important to be respectful of your doctor’s time and arrive promptly to ensure that they can see you as scheduled.
However, if you arrive too early, you may end up waiting longer than necessary in the waiting room, so it’s important to consider the specific circumstances of your appointment when deciding how early to arrive. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and ask the medical practice how early they recommend patients arrive for appointments.

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