Can humans become immortal?

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At present, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that humans can become immortal, that is, living forever. While advances in medical science have increased human lifespan and quality of life, no medical technology or treatment currently exists that can guarantee immortality.
The maximum human lifespan recorded to date is around 122 years, and while some people have claimed to have discovered the key to immortality, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.
However, some scientists and researchers are working on developing technologies that may one day extend the human lifespan, such as gene editing and anti-aging therapies. While these technologies may eventually help to increase lifespan, it is unlikely that they will lead to true immortality.
It’s important to recognize that the concept of immortality raises important ethical and philosophical questions, and there are many factors to consider when discussing the possibility of extending the human lifespan. While we may not be able to achieve true immortality, advances in medical science and technology can still help to improve human health and lifespan, and ultimately enhance our quality of life.

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